Now that the FAA allows commercial drone operations, FlightDeck Filmworks has a unique ability to provide our clients for a more cost-effective option over traditional rotorcraft cinematography. With today’s need for high-end cinematography and the desire to capture dynamic images, Directors, Agencies, Brands, and Producers are turning to FlightDeck.

Our drones add a unique perspective to any production and are cost efficient. Improve your bottom line by avoiding the costly deployments of cranes and jibs.

In addition to fixed-wing and traditional rotorcraft platforms, FlightDeck Filmworks uses customized drones to capture stunning aerial imagery in 4K resolution and higher. Our cameras such as RED Weapon, RED EPIC-W, RED Raven, ZenMuse X5Raw, ZenMuse x5s, Zenmuse X7 and other high end production cameras have in-camera profiles that are able to capture images that color grade beautifully to most high-end media formats.

We produce images that exceed our client’s expectations. 

All you have to do is DREAM IT!

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Recent advances in technology gives us the freedom to instantly share moments of our lives. The capture and sharing of photography, videography, and other multimedia has become common place. Professionals therefore, who produce and sell multimedia find it increasingly difficult to delivery a product that actually stands out. With FlightDeck Filmworks, that's all about to change.

Our concept is simple: we offer a new approach to the capture and rendering of photography and cinematography. Our state-of-the-art UAV Drones combined with the top of the line video & photography technology provide our clients with breathtaking results. Our dedicated staff provides you with motion pictures that will amaze and wow you and your client! You have to see it to believe it! 

The possibilities are endless if you dare to dream!



Here at FlighDeck, we have a unique advantage; our pilots not only are experts with UAV Drones, but we are experts in the sky.  When the scope or the logistics t's n grow beyond using traditional UAVs, we buckle up and take to the sky in fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters.

No matter what the scale, we fill the need.  

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In today’s highly competitive real estate market, improved sales effectiveness is now a major priority. Traditional forms of marketing are being shelved in favor of content consumption via mobile smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. FlightDeck Filmworks aerial drone photography, video and interior video walkthroughs are giving real estate companies a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Not only can an aerial photography show the entire scope of a property but it can also demonstrate the advantages of its location. FlightDeck Filmworks aerial photography and videos are professionally produced and have been proven as an effective means to inform both buyers and sellers.  For a potential buyer, a familiarity with the property is already established before the first visit.  At FlightDeck Filmworks, we help your listings stand out and sell. Our pricing is competitive and service is best in class!



It has been a natural progression of the FlightDeck Filmworks business model to be an industry leader in aerial drone infrastructure inspections.  Our expertise continues to grow in the field of industrial inspections for, power grid, cell tower, water tower, utility tower, bridge inspections and more.  

FlightDeck Filmworks provides a full suite of aerial UAV services that can be customized uniquely for your business.  This incorporates proprietary cloud software to store your data and give you full on-demand access safely.  We are currently working with utility companies to develop and implement specialized aerial inspection systems for implementation into their current business processes. Tower inspections are potentially dangerous. Our aerial inspections are safe, fast and more cost-efficient than traditional methods of heavy equipment and workforce.  FlightDeck Filmworks technology and expertise will positively affect your bottom line.